Custom Solutions

SMC has always strived to provide our customers with high quality products which always meet their needs. We consider that as a customer driven company our success is as a direct result of this philosophy. Whether you require a simple modification to an already existing standard product or you want something designed and built especially for you, SMC is your companion every step of the way. Our vast portfolio of products makes us unique in our ability to offer you solutions spanning many areas of automation technology. Today SMC serve our customers as a component supplier, technology developer, technology integrator and as an effective extension of their engineering departments.  

Life Science Products
Our current range of dedicated Life Science products include:

€ Plastic Manifolds
€ Custom designed pneumatics manifolds
€ PVQ Proportional Valves
€ High flow / low pressure valves for hospital beds
€ Back pressure resisting steam valves
€ Oxygen Concentrator valves
€ High pressure chemical liquid valves
€ Miniature chemical liquid valves
€ Water filter regulators

Automotive Products
Our current range of dedicated Automotive products include:

€ Power clamp cylinders
€ Full range of cylinders with lock mechanisms
€ ISO valves conforming to automotive stanards
€ Solenoid valves developed for Welding Gun applications
€ Digital proportional valves for controlling welding pressure
€ Vacuum ejectors
€ Equalizing system for welding guns
€ Water and air flow switches
€ Tubing for welding and painting environments
€ Digital pressure switches