50AC Series Coupling

50AC Series couplings offer 1/4" flow capacity and feature an easy to use plastic thumb latch. These couplings are manufactured in a high performance acetal thermal plastic material. They are available with or without internal shut-off valves and are available in many styles and termination sizes. 50AC couplings are resistant to most chemicals and meet most FDA & NSF listing requirements. 50AC and 50GP couplings interconnect with each other and are compatible with many other latch type couplings.

Performance Ratings:

Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 120psi; 8.3 bar
-40ºF to 180ºF
-40ºC to 82ºC
Flow Capacity: 1/4”


Bodies & Terminations: Acetal copolymer
Latch: Acetal copolymer
O-ring: FDA Buna-N (others available)
Springs: Stainless Steel