TT Table Top Robot

  • TT Tabletop Series Robot


        Positioning Repeatability of ±0.02 mm.
        Built-in X-SEL Controller
        Gate Type or Cantilever Type
        Select One of Two Operating Ranges
        Supporting Field Networks (Optional)

    1. Positioning Repeatability of ±0.02mm

    - Adoption of a rigid base, ball screw and servo control motor -

    The TT employs a rigid base made of aluminum extruded material. It also uses a high-accuracy ball screw and a servo control motor to allow precision and eliminate misstepping.

    Positioning  Repeatability of ±0.02mm

    2. Built-in X-SEL Controller

    - High path accuracy and constant speed -

    The TT utilizes the high path accuracy and constant speed of the X-SEL controller. Additionally, it provides the same extensive functions and commands as the X-SEL controller.

    With the 3-axis specification, the TT lets you perform three-dimensional arc interpolation and path movement. You can also use the TT together with a teaching pendant, PC software of other tools.

    A maximum of 64 programs can be stored, and up to 16 programs can be run simultaneously. Up to 3,000 positions can be registered.

    Built-in X-SEL  Controller

    3. Gate Type or Cantilever Type

    - The gate type for high rigidity or the cantilever type for saving workspace -

    The gate type has its Y-axis fixed, so it withstands unbalanced loads well and is suitable in applications where the Z-axis receives a heavy load, as well as applications where a large portion of the load overhands the slider.

    The cantilever type provides a wide, open work surface, so it is ideal when your equipment will be handling larger loads or loads with an irregular shape in a fixed condition.

    Gate Type or  Cantilever Type

    4. Select One of Two Operating Ranges

    - 2020 type (200 mm) or 4040 type (400 mm)-

    In addition to offering two model types (gate type and cantilever type), the TT also provides two selectable operating ranges. Choose 200 mm x 200 mm (2020 type) or 400 mm x 400 mm (4040 type) as the operating range (X-axis / Y-axis) or the actuator. Whether your equipment is handling small loads or large loads, you can select an appropriate model to operate in the appropriate range.

    The TT is available in a 2-axis specification and a 3-axis specification. The 3-axis specification comes standard with a Z-axis brake, which prevents the slider from falling when the power is off.

    Select One of Two Operating Ranges

    5. Supporting Field Networks (optional)

    - Configured to support DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus, and Ethernet -

    The TT can be connected to a common field network such as DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus, and Ethernet for the transmission and acquisition of position changes, production results and other data.

    Supporting Field Networks (optional)