Solutions in Action

Guarding & Enclosure Solutions  
These application examples demonstrate just a few of the innovative designs customers have come up with to guard and enclose their industrial automation projects. OSHA-compliant guarding and enclosures will not only keep your employees safe and out of harms way while working, but they also add a professional and quality aesthetic appeal to any machine or environment they are applied.
  Workstation Solutions
Whether mobile or stationary, 80/20 products can easily solve your workstation challenges. 80/20 products’ modular T-slot design allows easy adjustments and ergonomic designs that will compliment even the most challenging workspace problems. With 80/20’s wide variety of accessories you can customize your workstation with attractive and durable drawers, pivoting arms, molded countertops and more.
  Material Handling Solutions
From useful and durable shop carts to heavy-duty gravity flow racks and storage units, 80/20’s modular T-slotted framing can meet the challenge. With the wide variety of profile choices in both fractional and metric dimensions, 80/20 framing will not only handle the load but also look good doing it; matching the aesthetic requirements of any environment.
  Automation Solutions
Often considered the “mount” that holds the “jewel”, 80/20 framing solutions have framed some of the most complicated and mission-critical automation projects for almost every industry you can imagine. From machine frames to integrated guarding and pneumatic or hydraulic manifolds, 80/20 T-slotted profiles can fulfill a number of duties in your industrial automation project.
  Display & Exhibit Solutions
Delivering the contemporary matte aluminum finish that many display designers are looking for, with the durability that can only be delivered with this type of framing product. If you want to extend your trade show booth investment with a modular and long lasting design, consider 80/20 framing products for your next trade show booth or product display.
  Furniture Solutions
Office partitions, training room products and even modular office furnishings can be created for long lasting and durable results from 80/20 extrusions. No matter what the dimensions or aesthetic considerations, 80/20 framing solutions CAN create that one-of-a-kind receptionist desk or office cart you’ve been looking for. All at a fraction of the cost of other pre-manufactured solutions.
  Linear Motion Solutions
80/20’s patented UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) bearing material creates many ways to utilize 80/20 T-slotted profiles as linear motion solutions. From guide rails and door slides, to automation slides 80/20’s bearing and linear motion solutions will “wear like a pig's nose” and just down right perform to meet your needs.
  Robotic Fixture Solutions
Take your framing solutions to that next level with 80/20 profiles and Stanchions. Are you looking for a creative and unique way to hang those light curtains around your robotic application? Or have you ever thought of using 80/20 products to mount smaller robotic arms to an application? But best of all, do it with modularity and mobility of the application fully in tact!
  Out of The Box Solutions
With 80/20 products you can truly think “outside the box” and bring your imagination to life! Don’t limit yourself with the constraints of conventional construction and framing materials. Create absolutely whatever you want and how you want it with 80/20’s T-slotted aluminum framing solutions and accessories. You’ll immediately benefit from its light weight and durability; not to mention our industry leading customer service and fast same-day shipments.