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Closed Loop Step Motor & Driver Systems

  • The AlphaStep is a revolutionary hybrid stepping motor and driver package which eliminates missed steps. The AlphaStep uses a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors the motor shaft position to detect and correct for loss of synchronism.

    Thanks to Closed Loop Control, There is No Loss of Synchronism

    AlphaStep does not lose synchronism even when subjected to abrupt load fluctuation or acceleration. The newly developed rotor position detection sensor constantly monitors the motor movement. If synchronism is about to be lost, closed loop control is used, so there is no need to worry about loss of steps.

    High Response

    Like conventional stepping motors, AlphaStep operates in synchronism with command pulses. This makes possible short stroke positioning in a short time.

    AS Control Diagram

    Normal (Position Deviation is less than ± 1.8°

    Motor runs in open loop mode like a step motor.

    If Motor Missteps (Positioning Deviation is ± 1.8° or more

    Control switches to closed loop mode to prevent the loss of synchronism.

    No Gain Tuning

    Gain tuning for servo motors is critical, troublesome and time-consuming. Since AlphaStep operates like a stepping motor, there are no gain tuning requirements. Low rigidity applications, such as a belt and pulley system, are ideal for AlphaStep.

    No Hunting

    Since AlphaStep is a stepping motor, it has no hunting problem. Therefore, when it stops, its position is completely stable and does not fluctuate. AlphaStep is ideal for applications in which vibration would be a problem.

    Low Vibration at Low Speed

    The driver employs advanced technology that produces smoothness comparable to a microstepping driver. Its vibration level is incredibly low, even when operating in the low speed range. When frequent changes from low to high (or vice versa) speed operations are required, the use of the Resolution Select Function solves the problem.

    A Full Lineup Including Geared and IP65 Rated Type Motors

    The geared types enable driving of large inertial loads and positioning at higher accuracy, while the IP65 rated motor provides ingress protection against dust and water. The AlphaStep offers a wide range of models meeting the needs of various applications.

    RoHS Compliant Models Available

    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive:
    Directive on restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2002/95/EC).
    The RoHS Directive prohibits the use of six chemical substances in electrical and electronic products sold in the EU member states. The six controlled substances are: lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and two specific brominated flame-retardants (PBB and PBDE).

    AlphaStep Driver Types

    Two Types of Drivers

    Pulse Input
    (Available in AC or DC Input)
    Various motor controls can be performed using a pulse generator provided by the user.

    Built-In Controller
    (AC Input)
    The built-in pulse generation function allows the motor to be driven via a directly connected programmable controller. Since no separate pulse generator is required, the drivers of this type save space, simplify wiring and also allow the number of axes to be increased with ease.