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High Speed Linear Servo Actuators


IAI Product Overview

Product Description

Replacing the ball screw with no-friction magnets, the Linear Servo (LS) series magnetic linear actuator delivers exceptional repeatability at ultra-high speeds.

And if you are looking to dramatically reduce your cycle time, the LS magnetic linear actuator can accelerate or decelerate at an extremely fast 3G - much faster than even an advanced ball screw linear actuator.

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Series Features

The Linear Servo Advantage
High Speed Linear Actuation
The LS linear actuators achieve a maximum speed of 3000 mm/sec. Unlike ball screw linear actuators, there are no critical speeds with the LS. Therefore, operating speed does not drop - even in long stroke applications.

Rapid Acceleration / Deceleration Able to accelerate or decelerate at up to 3G (29.4 m/sec2), the LS can dramatically reduce the cycle time for short distance travel.

High Repeatability The fully closed control, using a reflection-type optical linear encoder, ensures positioning repeatability on the order of ±10µm.

Dust proof Construction A stainless dust strip on top of the magnetic linear actuator prevents problems caused by the entry of foreign particles into the linear actuator, greatly reducing maintenance requirements.

Easy Operation The all-in-one controller combines a driver, control unit and power supply, so all you need to connect is a dedicated cable. The system will be up and running in quickly, without the need for time-consuming adjustments.

Choice of Controllers You can select the controller that's right for YOUR application and budget - the advanced X-SEL® controller for easy control of multiple axes or the single-axis E-CON controller designed specifically for simple positioning applications.


Linear Actuator Specifications

The Linear Servo magnetic actuators come in two basic types: Large and Small.

Both the large and small magnetic linear actuators have a minimum service life of 10,000km.
(Service life is rated at maximum speed and maximum payload. Reducing either can significantly increase the service life.)

SMALL-Type Linear Actuator
Stroke mm 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 1320 1440 1560
Rated Output W 150
Maximum Speed mm/sec 3000
Rated Thrust N (kg) 67 (6.8)
Repeatability mm ±0.01
Weight kg 12.1 14.2 16.3 18.4 20.5 22.6 24.7 26.8 28.9 31 33.1 35.2 37.3
Motor   AC coreless linear servo motor
Encoder   Optical incremental encoder

LARGE-Type Linear Actuator
Stroke mm 136 280 424 568 712 856 1000 1144 1288 1432 1576
Rated Output W 300
Maximum Speed mm/sec 3000
Rated Thrust N (kg) 100 (10.2)
Repeatability mm ±0.01
Weight kg 16.2 19 22 24.8 27.7 30.5 33.4 36.3 39.1 42 44.8
Motor   AC coreless linear servo motor
Encoder   Optical incremental encoder

Reference: 25.4mm = 1 inch | 1kg = 2.2 lbs


Controller Specifications

The Right Controller for YOUR Application & Budget

Whether your application is highly complex or relatively simple, we have the controller to fit your needs.

Below is a quick guide to choosing which is right for you.

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   Application/Condition Select the E-CON Controller
  • Want to use a PLC to perform control
  • Number of positioning points is less than 64
  • Want to ensure easy operation without using programs
  • Want to minimize cost
E-CON Linear Actuator Controller
   Application/Condition Select the X-SEL Controller
  • PLC not used
  • Want to set as many positioning points as possible
  • Want to control peripherals using a linear controller
  • Want to synchronize with other motorized actuators
  • Want to operate two to four linear actuator axes using a single controller
X-SEL Linear Actuator Controller