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DG Series Hollow Rotary Actuators

  • DG Series

    The DG Series is a rotary actuator featuring a hollow output table that allows large-inertia discs and arms to be installed directly. The DG Series makes machine design, wiring and maintenance simple.

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    Less Hassle with Direct Coupling

    Equipment tables and arms can be installed directly on the output table. This saves you the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary parts, adjusting the belt tension, etc. when mechanical parts such as belt and pulley are used for installation.

    Direct Coupling

    High Output, High Rigidity

    The output table is integrated with a high rigidity cross-roller bearing*.

    This structure improves the permissible thrust load and moment load while maintaining high torque.

    *Except for DG60

    Actuator Construction

    Large-Diameter, Hollow Output Table

    A hollow hole (through hole) of sufficiently large diameter helps reduce the complexity of wiring and piping, thus further simplifying your equipment design.

    Hollow Output Table

    Supporting Sudden Load Fluctuation and Rapid Acceleration

    Rotor Detection Sensor

    Adopting a closed loop AlphaStep stepping motor designed to maintain synchronism, the DG Series actuator eliminates the need for tuning to prevent hunting upon sudden load fluctuation or rapid acceleration.

    A built-in rotor position detection sensor constantly monitors the motor speed and position. If synchronism is about to be lost, closed-loop control is implemented immediately. With the DG Series you can also enjoy greater reliability because the positioning completion signal and position detection function can be used to check the actuator condition.

    Stable operation can be achieved without adjustment, even when your equipment is subject to load fluctuation.

    Type and Structure

    Actuator Types

    Moment Load


    The output table uses deep-groove ball bearings (two pieces) for the 2.36 in. (60 mm) frame size type, and a cross-roller bearing for the 3.35 in. (85 mm), 5.12 in. (130 mm) and 7.87 in. (200 mm) frame size types. As the frame size increases, the permissible moment load also increases but the displacement caused by the moment load decreases.

    Permissible Torque

    The hollow rotary actuators with larger permissible torque deliver stable, high speed positioning of larger inertial loads. Select the model that best suits your application.

    Speed Torque


    RoHS Compliant

    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive:
    Directive on restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2002/95/EC).
    The RoHS Directive prohibits the use of six chemical substances in electrical and electronic products sold in the EU member states. The six controlled substances are: lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and two specific brominated flame-retardants (PBB and PBDE).